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Letter sent on Oct 31, 2016

Finish the Story —

It was getting late, the moon’s soft glow barely peering through the thick fog…

Happy Halloween quirky friends! I’m sure dusk will be here before I have time to blink and I have a Princess Jasmine and Corpse Bride that eager for treats. Let’s be honest, mom is too!

First, we have some treats for you on That Odd Mom with some fantastic stories that were published this past week and we are done browsing, we would love your help to finish the spooky story.

Holiday Photos, Onions, Cranky Co-Workers, Crying it Out, Squash and Dinner…

This is Your Odd Week in Review: October 31, 2016

It’s time to start thinking about those holiday cards and Rosalind Prieto has you covered with Tips For Gorgeous & Unique Holiday Photos That’s Fun For The Family.

Our Friendsgiving at That Odd Mom is sharing some great post that will help you with decor, hosting and drinks.

Christiana White has worked her usual magic with words, sharing the emotional bonds between Onions and her mother.

Did you know Cranky Co-Workers Day was last week? Stop by and find out 5 Reasons Why I Love My Cranky Co-Workers from Rosalind Prieto.

New guest contributor JB brought us a little Hootie and a lot of sleeplessness with Crying It Out.

Susan Ogilvie is helping you bring fall to the dinner table with The Real Flavor of Fall: Simple Squash Recipes for the Whole Family.

Finishing off the week, we learned all about how Kayt Molina plans out her meals in a new monthly series, This Week’s Dinner.

Now, let’s get to that spooky story. At the beginning of the month I shared our #FinishTheStory graphic on Facebook and we had some great responses, building on the story a line or two at a time. I’m going to share them here and can’t wait to see what you can add.

A Special Thanks to All of the FB Participants Who Added to the Story!

In the distance a figure of a man emerged, walking with an odd stride.

The old man glanced at his pocket watch as he limped to his destination, time was running out..

“I’m gonna shit my pants” he thought, as his arthritis throbbed his stiffening knees.

The fog cleared up, the night fell silent, and under the bright light of the moon a house appeared at the end of the road.

There was something cold about this house. Before he could gather himself to make a decision “keep walking” his brain told him, his body had taken him to the front door.

His eyes were struggling to adjust inside. The darkness seemed to close in with every quickened breath.

As his vision cleared he began to see a distorted figure struggling to free itself from the far wall. It was chained it seemed.

Refusing to breathe, what he thought he saw was dimming his senses and all rationality…..

“Don’t do it,” he thought but still approached the figure hiding in shadows. With every step he took, his body felt heavier. The darkness slowly surrounded him, as if to consume him.

The chained figure became more clear, it appeared to be half human, half animal, it moaned and growled as if in pain.

A shriek of stark terror swept through his body as his bowels released their foul contents, gaging his parched throat with limpid disgust.

The stench of burnt flesh filled the room. As the creature struggled wildly, the chains cut into its charred human torso, tearing flesh from its bones.

His senses were overwhelmed by fear, but the old managed to drag his towards the door.

The old man, almost frozen with fear could not turn and run…somehow he had to try and communicate with the tortured chained subhuman.

The old man paused, trying to pull himself together. Fear combined with concern for the tortured creature overwhelmed him all at once.

His final thoughts congealed raggedly, “I wonder if KFC still sells a 20 piece bucket?”

The old man turned, faced the creature, opened his parched lips and spoke; who are you, who chained you beat you then mistreated you Sir?

it, it was Johnny. Whose Johnny, I asked…

Johnny seems like such a nice guy, but he has evil in his heart. Beware Johnny, be afraid of Johnny, oh, oh, oh! The creature shook from head to toe…was that a toe?

There’s a light….Over at the Frankenstein place… There’s a light….Burning in the fireplace…

What will you add?

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