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Hey You Guys…

Along with your Odd Week in Review

Have you seen that That Odd Mom is at 6.7 followers? Each day more and more of you join our odd little tribe and all I have to say is…

Seriously, we love you stopping by, reading our stories and embracing the normal quirks of life with us.

The Odd Week in Review

We are still going at a slow and steady pace as we rebrand and renew this month, but we’ve still got some great stories for you this week.

I like what’s happening to my face! by Rachael Flanery
This is my first sponsored post. Now before you think I’m a total sell out let me tell you how much I’m getting paid. It’s the going rate for writers. Zero. I did get some free product shipped to me all the way from New York City! So, dear readers, you can be assured I’m not in the pockets of any corporate fat cats.
Children and the Productive Struggle by Carolyn Childers Graham
We have to stop doing for others what they can easily do for themselves. This isn’t a selfish sentiment rooted in ease and avoidance but rather one grounded in teaching self reliance above all. As parents it is easier at times to do ‘all the things’ for our children. What would take them ten minutes would take us two, so we tie the shoe or get the juice instead of letting them partake in the productive struggle of day to day life.
How To Be The Perfect Mother by The Sunny Side
Raising kids is a bitch. Social media can sure help us look like we’re doing things just right, or that EVERYBODY ELSE is! But by all means, let’s a take a moment to read between the lines…
Have the Talk by Jaime Pollard-Smith
One of the prompts for my writing group this month is to examine a missed connection. We are to explore a chance where we missed connecting with someone and invent a possible alternate reality where we do connect. As usual, my fellow writers activate their right brains and delve into writing fiction.
My Secret Garden by Michelle Hozey
At one time, the tangled mess of baby trees and weeds poking out from behind that doorway did look like a garden. And it was beautiful.
In the cool spring mornings, we tilled the ground the hard way — with shovels and hoes.
The Longest 15 Minutes by ChristyWrites
I woke up anxious this morning. I know why… sort of. I mean, I know the bold outline of why. I got home later than I like to last night, which meant I slept half the day away, or at least, most of the morning. That makes me anxious.
Elephant Work by Jaime Pollard-Smith
I did not expect my late thirties to become a period of new awakening in my life. I knew the old adage says we all go off to find ourselves in college, but I assumed that by this point, as a successful, established adult, I was pretty set in who and what I was.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to stop by and visit us on Facebook (we’ve got a group too,) Twitter, and Instagram! Until next week…