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Letter sent on Apr 17, 2016

Odd Week in Review — April 17, 2016

The week I tried to be the resident IT girl and failed.

I attempted to remove my Squarespace hosted site from thatoddmom.com and instead have the domain direct the lovely internet world to this Medium publication.

I failed.

This is really not my thing.

Now when you visit domain you get a 404 error from Medium.

I will figure it out, but for now, I did manage to get a few subdomains up and running.

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What Actually Happened This Week


It has been another rough, but promising, week as we navigate the difficult world of Autism and hormones. We added Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract to our daily wellness regimen and are in trial and error process of figuring how much and how often. I’ll be writing a post about why we’ve added the supplement and any results we see on the 29th.


We didn’t do anything particularly interesting this week, but we did finally finish our audiobook version of On the Shores of the Great Sea.

The kids did have fun planning an outdoor tea party. The made themselves some green tea, headed outside into their clubhouse (only about 6 feet from the door,) and I turned up Edward Lear’s Finest Nonsense on the Bluetooth speaker for them to enjoy.


I’ve been in a food rut. It is glaringly apparent by the stacks of leftovers in the fridge that NO ONE wants to eat.

My complete lack of enthusiasm also inspired the hubs to bring me home sushi Friday afternoon and frozen pizza that he cooked for dinner.

Maybe this isn’t a bad thing?

We also stopped into a TGI Fridays while we were out driving around and exploring the Virginia backroads for hours yesterday. We had a $25 gift card and figured it was a good idea for lunch.

I was not impressed.

Random Shit in Between

We survived driving around said backroads for 6+ hours with three kids (that fight non-stop) in close quarters becaused I bribed them with gum and ice cream treats.

No Shame!

Until next week….

As I draft my post on our hemp extract expercience, I’m curious, what is the firs thing you think of when you hear Charlotte’s Web?

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