Wreck it Ralph:

The hero we’ve been waiting for.

If the amount of time squinting at my news feed counts for anything, I now have a doctorate in political science.

I agree that democrats played a role in getting us to this ridiculous and terrifying soon to be Thunder-dome form of governing. The party has strayed away from a huge part of its base sacrificing economic progress for social progress.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no patience or love for some idiot yelling “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!” but we have become a party of elites.

Enter old ham hands himself, Wreck it Ralph.

For thirty years Ralph has dedicated his life to wrecking. The Nicelanders scoff at his messy work. Felix and his magic hammer get all the credit. A magic hammer given to him by his father, of course. Ralph has to endure back breaking work all day and goes home to sleep in the dump. If he wasn’t there to wreck it, there would be no need for Felix to fix it. But no one recognizes that.

All Ralph wants is a thank you. A recognition that he matters. Maybe an opportunity other than wrecking stuff. The Nicelanders aren’t having it. Some people get the pent house, some people get the dump. If Ralph wants out of the dump then he should try and do something great like Felix (without the privilege of a magic hammer, of course).

Ralph leaves his game to go do something great. The Nicelnders realize how screwed they are without him. The game is broken and their plug is about to be pulled.

Ralph finds himself in Sugar Rush. A candy racing game lorded over by a narcissistic, petty, loose cannon with a twitter account: King Candy. He is the strong man who bullied his way to the top.

Since not everyone spends their time analyzing Disney movies and wiping noses and butts that aren’t their own…I will fast forward to my point. There is one. I think.

Ralph could have followed King Candy. Maybe even finally benefiting from his cruel self centered agenda. But instead he helps the Glitch, Vanellope Von Sweet, a person of even lower status.

She’s a kid. Gross. We know those are worthless. She’s disabled. What a drain. And poor. Are you kidding me?

He could have easily taken comfort knowing as long as someone is lower than him he is that much closer to the top.

Instead, he helps her. And in doing so saves Sugar Rush, saves the Nicelanders, and finds happiness.

“I’m bad. And that’s good. I will never be good. And that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

So what’s my point? We all have value. We all want to contribute.

Not everyone has the skills or desire to be a CEO or brain surgeon or secretary of HUD.

Not everyone has the patience to be a teacher, the courage to be a firefighter, the strength to build a building.

The empathy to change sheets in a nursing home, the stomach to pick up road kill, the stamina to scrub floors.

It’s all important. Sure, maybe some work lands you in the penthouse. But no work should keep you in the dump.

Ralph was able to resist the false promises of King Candy, tailored made for those tossed aside by the Nicelanders. If he hadn’t, if he had bought into his manipulative sales pitches, everyone’s plug would have been pulled.

Game over.

Hmmmm what political commentary can I make out of “Chip Wrecked”……

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