I found my kindred spirits at school

This article was write for a project in English class

I always had a lot of friends around me but despite that, I always felt lonely. I was invited to a lot of party, dinner, trip but when I came home, I always had this feeling of being single-handed. When I arrived at journalism school, I thought that it would be the same but this time, I was wrong. I met these two awesome girls who became more than my friends.

Laughing Out Loud

They are not just classmates, I think i consider them like my sisters. I have seven brothers so it’s sooting to have two new sisters in my life. They’re totally crazy, really, but that’s why I love them. We can spend hours making joke and laughing, again and again. We’re singing as loud as we can in the cars and we try out all the challenges. Sometimes I’m tired of us, but it’s good tiredness, I just laughed too much with Lola’s funny face and Chloé’s clumsiness.

Everything Together

I hated team work, but it was before I had to work with my friends. At the beginning of the year, we must choose partnership and that’s how I really met those two girls. Working with them is peaceful and make the job funniest. They became my crack squad. After work, we’re going out together, I don’t want to go to a party without them. How time flies! At the start of the school we were strangers, now it seems like we lived together. We share our beds, our cars, our clothes, even our mothers. I have stuff everywhere, some of my clothes are in Chloé’s washing machine, my hair dyeing in Lola’s bathroom. It feels like I live in three places at the same time. We are so close that my friends came with me at a Tinder date.

You Will Never Walk Alone

When the time become darker than usual, I need my new sisters. It’s in these bad moments that you discover the importance of this friendship. When sadness comes, I know that someone will be there for me, at any time, even if it’s 5 AM. I know I can call them when I feel lost and they arrive in order to take my mind off things. I decided to write this when I pass out at school. I have always been a sensitive person and I felt shameful when dizzy spell arrived. Except this time, there was a reassuring face in the middle of the firemen.. I’m not afraid of future hardship because I know now that I will never walk alone. I don’t express my feelings easily but I think it’s important to say how classmates can become kindred spirits in a few months.