Meet with Anaeko at the Public Sector Innovation Conference 2020 in London

Anaeko, a specialist provider of Integrated Analytics, will be at the Public Sector Innovation Conference which will take place in London.

We will be there along with public sector industry leaders such as NHSX, Office for Artificial Intelligence, Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Housing Communities.

This conference presents an opportunity for Anaeko to share knowledge for Innovation in Healthcare and other public sector services.

Anaeko Team Attending the Conference

Colm Hayden (CTO) and Denis Murphy (CEO) will be attending the innovation conference. Connect today through LinkedIn or the contact us form.

Colm Hayden


Colm is an experienced, entrepreneurial and commercially-focussed technical leader.

He has scoped and delivered 400 data optimisation projects, designed 40 cloud platforms, and brought to market over 100 web and mobile applications

Colm has delivered services for IBM, Microsoft, Vodafone, Fujitsu, Verint, Epic Games, BT and SUN Microsystems amongst others. In partnership with global service providers, and through direct engagements, Colm has optimised data in Government, Health & Life Sciences, Media, Finance and Telecoms.

Denis Murphy


Denis Murphy co-founded Anaeko in 2004 and has over 20 years of sales and management experience, spanning mobile telecoms and ITSM.

He has more than 20 years of experience in IT and mobile telecoms. He founded locally based telecoms software company Apion in 1996. It grew to become a European leader for wireless mobile network software and employed over 200 people before being sold in 1999 to the stateside group for $239m.

Book a Meeting with Anaeko

Schedule a meeting for Tuesday 25th of February at the Public Sector Innovation Conference in London. Select a time that suits you to meet with Anaeko on the day and discuss opportunities with Colm and Denis.

Book a Meeting with Anaeko on our website.

The Anaeko team are taking meetings in various London locations, and will be at a Conference Event in the The Royal Horseguards Hotel.

One Whitehall Place, The Royal Horseguards Hotel, SW1A 2EJ London

About the Public Sector Innovation Conference 2020

The Conference themes will be discussed at a policy, delivery and expert level:

  1. Transformation across Government
  2. Innovation in Central Government departments
  3. Innovation in Local Government

The Office for AI will inform us how we can utilise AI across the whole of society. They have worked with the World Economic Forum to co-design AI Procurement Guidelines for the public sector. The Guidelines aim to drive more responsible and more efficient, innovative procurement of AI systems. This feeds into a new dynamic AI marketplace to launch in Autumn 2020.

The education pipeline will be improved with data science and AI skills across government.

The innovation in Central Government departments can be done by analysing the progress made by NHS productivity done through digital transformation.

Local Government and GovTech initiatives had an impact with cross-sector collaboration. (source: DigiLeaders)

Headline Partner:


Supporting Partners:

Anaeko, Informed Solutions, Methods and Oracle.

Government Partners:

Department for Work and Pensions, Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government, NHSX and Office for Artificial Intelligence.


Stephen Blackburn — Data and Innovation Manager, Digital Information Service,
Leeds City Council

Theo Blackwell MBE — Chief Digital Officer for London

Deborah Colville — City Innovation Manager at Belfast City Council

Neil Daly — CEO, Skin Analytics and NHS National Innovation Fellow

Cath Fallon — Head of Enterprise and Community Animation,
Monmouthshire County Council

Seth Finegan — UK CEO, Informed Solutions

Russell Haworth — Chair of Digital Leaders and CEO at Nominet

Colm Hayden Chief Technology Officer at Anaeko

Dr. Stefan Janusz — Head of AI Narrative at the Government Office for AI

Dr. Indra Joshi — Head of Digital Health and AI at NHSX

Rhod Joyce — Head of Partnerships at NHSX

Breandan Knowlton — Lead technical Architect for Innovation at GDS

Dr. Shruti Kohli — Lead Data Scientist at DWP Digital

Daniel Korski CBE — CEO and Co-founder at PUBLIC

Paul Maltby — Chief Digital Officer at MHCLG

Satin Mahandru — Head of UK and NI Public Sector at Cognizant

Nick Manton — Head of Data Science and Data Head of Community
for Data Science and Performance Analysis at GDS

Barbara Mills — Challenge Sponsor Lead at CivTech, The Scottish Government

Lesley Soden — Programme Director at Health Innovation Network

Phil Swan — CIO and Digital Strategy Lead at GMCA

Prof Mark Thompson — Strategy Director at Methods.

Who Attends the Public Sector Innovation Conference 2020 in London:

With over 200 decision makers attending, the Conference is a unique opportunity for your organisation to engage and showcase your innovative products and services to the public sector. The public sector is invite only from our GDS and DCMS partners, but they will invite a wide range of central and local government providers including:

Department for Education, HM Treasury, Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Ministry of Justice, NHS, GDS,
Office for National Statistics, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council,
Durham County Council, Northern Ireland Executive, Welsh Government,
Monmouthshire County Council, and Department for International Development.

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Anaeko is Your Trusted Data Partner for Integrated Analytics, Hybrid Cloud Integration, Data Optimisation and Multicloud DevOps

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Your Trusted Data Partner for Integrated #Analytics, #HybridCloud Integration, #Data Optimisation, and #MultiCloud #DevOps for Improving Public Services.

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