My first camera — a 4x4 Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)

Why I Love Photography: A Visual Dose of Inspiration

Yes, I love to shoot (Part 2)

I love how photography can capture the invisible angles, colors, and lines of the world.

I’ve been shooting for a long time. It’s been an important part of my life, the thing that keeps me sane and away from the craziness of my personal and working life. I think more than any single other creative endeavors, taking pictures lets you study your work in a way that I find endlessly fascinating.

A lot of us just love photography, and this makes us passionate about it. We can’t imagine a life without photography.

For most people, photography is a hobby. It doesn’t bring money and fame. Maybe that’s why it can remain so pure and enjoyable. We won’t know unless we try, but the beautiful thing is — we now have everything we need to take photographs. We have everything we need to find something beautiful around us.

While I have my favorites, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. And I can’t wait to make more and more improvements every time I shoot!

Whip out your camera! It does not matter what kind: point-and-shoot, film, digital, or smartphone! Just start shooting! But please, “shoot” and “capture” responsibly!



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Alvin Tanicala

Alvin Tanicala

Registered HIT man. Follower. Learner. Analog Life Virtualization.