How Writing Makes Me More Expressive Than Speaking

Writing is better in conveying feelings and thoughts

James Nguyen
Sep 4 · 3 min read
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Recently since I started to take on daily writing, I have been feeling more positive and collected. I’m not a talkative person. It is not that I don’t like to talk, but that I find it difficult to express my feeling from the top of my head through speaking.

In conversations, I talk about so many things at once that words jumble together, making it an ineffective way of communications, creating misleading intentions and meanings. Writing makes me more composed. It makes me think about the structure of the story that I want to share, how I want the readers to follow from the introduction to the conclusion. I spend more time to reflect on my intentions and plan how I should write about them. When I started to focus writing about a topic, I get into the zone where I can feel my every brain cell working together as one to organize my messy thoughts.

I believe writing is the most effective way to share feelings. Through careful choice of words, I could convey feelings to others without being offensive or intrusive, which often happens in speaking, because words that are spoken out cannot be retracted. In writing, I can always revise, hit undo and change what I wrote. No feelings are hurt, no offends are made. At least as long as I have not made my writing public.

In conversations, sometimes the listeners are not interested or comfortable in knowing the problems of others, but they feel that they are forced to stay and listen because standing up and leave would be mean. But in writing, readers can choose to continue or leave anytime they want if they don’t feel connected to the story. This benefits the writers as well because they can write as much as they want without worrying that their story will become a burden to someone. This is especially true when writing about my depression. I am very comfortable when writing about my harsh past knowing that I would not burden someone knowing about it.

Writing makes others see the world in my perspective. When writing about something, I also express my feelings toward the subject. I could be heartfelt or mad or confused or happy, I can be biased against the subjects or be in favor of them. I don’t have to take into account people’s validation or acceptance of my feelings towards the subject. Writing is personal.

Writing is retrospective, it is a way for my future self to look back to the past, and remember how I have grown in thoughts and perceptions of life. They are records of thoughts and feelings that I have which may no longer exist when I grow older and wiser. Things that I found new and interesting would have become very normal, and those that were problematic would have become trivial and easy to fix.

Writing has become my favorite communications method to deliver my thought and feelings. If you have not tried writing, I encourage you to give it a shot. You don’t have to be a professional or published writer to express yourself in words. When you feel that there are feelings that you want to talk about but are not comfortable with talking to someone directly, just put it into writing. You will find it much easier!

Analog Thoughts

Speak one’s mind, unfiltered, unpolished, spontaneously

James Nguyen

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Analog Thoughts

Speak one’s mind, unfiltered, unpolished, spontaneously

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