Analyse Asia #140: Greylock, Mozilla & Blitzscaling with John Lilly

How Mozilla took on Microsoft with the concept of blitzscaling

Image Credits: From Mozilla Firefox
Episode 140 with John Lilly on SoundCloud

Podcast Synopsis: John Lilly, partner at Greylock in Silicon Valley and former CEO of Mozilla joined us for an interesting conversation about his current stint as a venture capitalist, and the backstory of how the team from Mozilla orchestrated the onslaught against Microsoft in the browser wars may years back. He also shared how technology enabled blitzscaling has helped Mozilla to navigate from a tribe to a village stage with important lessons from mission to hiring.

Here are the three interesting points which we discussed during this episode:

  • John Lilly discussed his tenure from vice president of operations to CEO in Mozilla Firefox and explained why Mozilla made certain choices in a browser era totally dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer, for example, running it as a non-profit organization, avoiding the enterprise market and open sourced their browser to the community.
  • He shared his investment thesis in his current role as a venture capitalist with Greylock Partners and why a startup that drew the most debate among partners will be the most interested one for investment.
  • John Lilly also discussed how Mozilla leveraged on the concepts of blitzscaling for Mozilla to move from tribe to village stage.

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