Welcome to Analysis Media

Who are we? What is our aim?

Here at Analysis Media, we believe that many important stories are being under-reported and that a strong, online, independent media does not exist in Australia to report local issues.

Analysis Media will mainly focus on local Brisbane issues. From Town Planning to Transport, Events to Sports, we hope to cover a wide range of topics in a non-bias, informative manner.

On top of these topics, we will also conduct thorough investigations into local council issues that the public is often unable to gain any information on. These investigations will be guided by you, the reader. We hope to follow your lead in the topics we choose to investigate and hear your frustrations in order to raise these issues in a meaningful way.

On top of these goals, we aim to offer opinion pieces written by respected members of the public. Written by you. We will work out a process for this in the future. Stay tuned. We also want to move our content into short video content that will be available free of charge on YouTube and possibly a community channel for those without internet.

We look forward to this new venture and hope to provide you with independent media you can trust.