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Enterprise Architecture Inside Salesforce

Enterprise Architecture — How We Do It Internally

The two words, “Enterprise Architecture”, elicit various reactions — everything from “we tried that and it doesn’t work” to “we need that!” to “we have an effective EA practice”. Unfortunately it is possible (even easy) to do Enterprise Architecture incorrectly, with an approach that is lethargic, technology-first and theoretical — the classic ivory tower.

(In Salesforce, the internal IT group reporting into our CIO is called “Business Technology” so you’ll see me use BT to




All aspects of organisational analysis: business analysis | enterprise architecture | quality

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Brett Colbert

Brett Colbert

Brett Colbert is IT CTO & VP of Enterprise Architecture at Salesforce. Previously at NetApp, Cisco, McAfee, Intuit. All articles are solely my opinion. DYOR.

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