A Beginner’s Guide to Cohort Analysis: the Most Actionable (and Underrated) Report on Google Analytics

The antidote to vanity metrics when you have less than 1 hour/week for marketing analytics

The Class of 2017 is an example of a cohort. All these students share the same date of graduation.
Vanity metrics are like instagram filters. They make you look good, but you don’t have an accurate depiction of reality. Image via Giphy.
Let’s run a marketing experiment! Image via Giphy.

What Cohort Analysis is Good For

Cohort analysis lets you isolate a variable’s effect. Image via Giphy.

Limitations of Cohort Analysis in Google Analytics

Image via Giphy.

A Beginner’s Primer to the Cohort Analysis Report in Google Analytics

The meat of the cohort analysis report in Google Analytics
Annotations marking what dayI started my digital marketing campaigns to add context to my Google Analytics report metrics.

A Few Examples of Cohort Analysis to Get You Started

Image via Giphy.
Sessions with Transactions by Weekly Cohorts: how much each cohort is spending after each week.


Next Steps



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Patrick Han

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