Data Points for Week of March 6th: 5 Must- Read Articles in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

Typeform made the world’s first bot-based article; How social networks differ in their audience profile; How to design a customer-first marketing strategy

Hey guys, we’re back again with the best industry news articles from this past week. Let’s go!

  1. Technology imitates art: the rise of conversational interface: Don’t turn away just based on the title of the article. The reason we included this article in our digest is not because of its content, but the innovative way it is presented. This is the first conversational article ever created (in which you recieve content by talking to a bot), potentially reshaping the way we view content online.
  2. [Infographic] Demographics of the Top 7 Social Networks: We agree that there are way too many social network platforms out there, but you need to understand the audience profile of each in order to choose the right one for your needs. This easy-to-read infographic will help you very quickly choose the right social platform.
  3. The New Customer Service Trend that’s Shaking Up the Marketing Industry (In a Good Way): In short, this article helps you to build marketing campaigns WITH your customers, instead of FOR your customers. This “customer-first” marketing approach will help you take your customer engagement to the next level.
  4. Four Visual Neuromarketing Hacks to Boost Your Branding: At Humanlytics, we believe design should be one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. A well-designed product can drive instant traction compared with one with a mediocre design. This article will help you design a more compelling brand.
  5. Pizza-ordering shoes (and the rest of this week’s news in digital): We always like to include at least one industry-practice piece in our weekly digest. After all, the best way to learn something is to first imitate those who have succeeded already. Here it is!

If you can read only one article this week, I would strongly recommend the “Technology Imitates Art” piece, it is very awe-inspiring. Talk to you guys next week!

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