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5 Websites Where You Can Find Free Datasets for Machine Learning

Looking to practice or implement whatever you have learned from an online data analytics/ data science course but you are finding it difficult to find free online resources for the same?

I understand how difficult it is to find datasets and that’s why I have made a list of all the free websites from where you can download datasets for free.

1.Kaggle Dataset

This website contains lots of datasets that have been uploaded by normal people like you and me! You could also check Kaggle to improve your ML skills. They have free courses and host a couple of competitions as well.

2. Data.World

Data. world is one of my favorite websites for finding datasets. It contains datasets that have been contributed by users and several organizations around the world.


A website that is owned by the government of India gives people access to data on finance, agriculture, education, climate, etc.

4.Microsoft Research Open Data

Microsoft offers 100+ datasets on topics such as biology, computer science, education, etc especially for researchers in the ML domain.

5. Github’s public datasets list

Github’s “awesome public datasets” contains links to datasets of various topics like cybersecurity, economics , finance,sports , etc.

Go ahead and check out all these websites to download the required datasets for your projects!

~Happy Learning~



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