Artificial Intelligence: Adopt It, Before It Eliminates You

Albert Christopher
Jun 13 · 5 min read

2030: 800 million jobs loss predicted due to automation.

Petrifying is it?

Can be… but this is not the time to get scared! This is the time for some action.

AI is making headlines today!

And questions like Will AI replace functions that were once used by humans? How will the future look like?

We often hear that machines and robots will take over the jobs. But what sort of jobs will be automated and which will always need human intervention — are debatable.

However, there’s no point brooding over, AI is already here and is set to revolutionize the world globally.

👉AI — The Burgeoning Fear

If you consider the past — the thought whether machines can take over human intelligence — can be thought provoking. Perhaps, it can be the only thought that can instill fear in us — the convergence of AI taking over human minds.

AI, and the future ahead…

Today AI has reached almost every sector — be it our homes or office — AI enabled gadgets are everywhere. Alexa, Siri, self-driven cars are just some of the examples of how machines can be taught and perform the functions that a human mind can perform. This is the simplest definition of machine learning, that enables computers to network and discover set patterns that are found in huge data.

And as organizations world over embrace AI, there has been a surge in the demand for roles like 🔗Artificial Intelligence engineer and AI specialists.

👉AI Evolutions — the Past and the Future

In late 1970s, the world entered the digital age — this was the time when computers were introduced. But like with any other new thing, organizations took their time in adapting to the technology and to make the best use of it. However, once the technology was accepted there was a growth in individual worker’s output by 1.4% per year in the 1980s. There was an increase of 2.1% between 1995 and 2005.

Relating it to AI revolution, currently the world is at a cusp of this revolution, due to which there’s an acceleration in the productivity growth.

👉Fear of AI

The word “artificial intelligence” instills fear in our minds. Simply because there is a threat to our jobs. While it is true that some of the jobs will become redundant, but a lot of new jobs will be created. Jobs that will require human’s creativity and other skills.

In all honesty, several AI-based companies are yet to replace their workers. But have supplemented them with AI-enabled tools and gadgets to increase their productivity.

👉AI — the next breakthrough

Y2K was the time when the major breakthrough happened and researchers realized that algorithms performed certain tasks better than humans. However, there were still some limitations and while AI did well in recognizing and matching patterns, it was still far away from taking over our jobs. Over the years, with loads of work and research in the field, today, we can say that AI in the current world is sophisticated enough to impact the business growth.

👉What’s next?

The fourth industrial revolution is here, an era that will be defined by automation and ubiquitous connectivity. As seen in the previous three revolutions, this revolution is also going to be a period that will irrevocably change the course of our future and the way we utilize technology.

It is the development and transcendence of AI, which will rupture the human status quo today. Looking at the current status in the market, one will find that today there are around 2000 startups around the world that have accepted AI as the core of their businesses.

👉AI — the upcoming factor to disrupt several industries

Although AI is still in its nascent stage, it has captivated quite a stance not only in the minds of the scientists and philosophers but also the business leaders and politicians


Simply that AI is on the verge to break barriers and become a massive sector that will unleash financial opportunities offering new job roles in the government and corporate sectors.

By 2020, the AI industry is expected to have broader adoption resulting in the double revenue of $12.5 billion industry presenting an annual growth rate of 20%. As a standalone technology, AI is predicted to claim a total market cap of $120–180 billion industry in 2020.

The technology is coming of age and expert professionals like AI engineers are needed by the industry to bridge the skill gap today.

👉AI — significant business and job opportunities

Considering the rising demand for AI professionals, sectors like education, security, entertainment and agriculture will face drastic changes in how they employ.

We are in the middle of 2019 and already we’ve seen number of AI developments that have gained popularity. Marketing Automation, Reinforcement Learning, Meta Learning, Cyber Defense and Generative Models are some of the examples of AI adoption.

Numerous benefits and rising job opportunities apart organizations are struggling to find talented AI professionals who can bridge the demand and supply gap.

While the future of AI is bright, it always helps to stay prepared for it.


You can prepare for the future by up-scaling your learning curve. Opt for 🔗professional programs offered by reputed institutes. 🔗Artificial intelligence certifications are also ideal ways to get there. One needs to develop a strategy to widen ways around business and the future of work.

AI will have a massive impact in our daily lives. Challenges are tough, but with the right approach, education, re-skilling programs, and training, we all can take a plunge into a world filled with immense job opportunities. No doubt the road ahead is bumpy but you can ensure to have a smooth ride by obtaining the right skills and prepare for the future jobs.

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Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a community of Analytics and Data Science professionals. We are building the next-gen data science ecosystem

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