Automating Object Detection in Images, NVIDIA’s Open Source Video-to-Video Technique, and more Machine Learning Resources!

Most amateur and junior data scientists tend to find object detection a tricky challenge. Understanding the different parameters of an image takes practice and experience, so MIT designed and open sourced an algorithm that automatically detects objects in images for you! A great way to start the week.

Other highlights from the past week: chorrrds is an exquisite R package for music data, NVIDIA unleashed a super impressive video-to-video translation technique using PyTorch, and more eye-opening resources and articles below!

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  • NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti set for Enabling Faster Deep Learning: NVIDIA has launched its 2000 series graphics cards, which are expected to accelerate deep learning performance in the coming months. The company claims its 40% faster than GTX 1070, which would make this an absolute beast!

The above AVBytes were published from 20th to 26th August, 2018.