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Automate your conference badges generation for all attendees

As a member of a developers conference team I searched on the web for a simple and open source solution to generate conference badges without any success. I found some business solutions but regarding the maturity of the event, the cost was too high.

So I decided to create a simple way to automate the generation of all conference badges from a template and an attendees list. I wanted also the ability for attendees to flash QRCode on the badge too keep details of the holder as phone contact.

Building the solution

I choose bash scripting to write the application.

Step 1 — Read an attendees list

I choose csv as format to read the attendees list. This is an output you could easily get from event management systems such as Eventbrite

Step 2 — Describe the badge format

Step 3 — Generate a QR code

I use the Google Chart API using the VCard format for the data to trigger correctly the QRCode on iOS and Android natively

Step 4 — Inserting the text data on the badge

First I create my badge template as below :

To insert texts and images like names, logos… I used imagemagick, a command line tool to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images.


  1. Define all vars on the script sh file to give a path for text fonts, badge image template , csv data.
  2. And then, you can call the script as below :

Check the out folder … tadaa ! All your badges are generated !


  • Better command line management : Parameters instead of variables
  • Scripting performances : 30 min for 700 attendees. Perhaps a local QRCode generation could do the trick ?
  • Special chars support : Right now you need for the VCard to HTML encode special chars on the CSV file directly
  • Develop a WebApp : to be able to use it on the cloud with better UX

That’s all for today !

The project can be forked with the final script here




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