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Azure Synapse Spark with Azure Event Hubs

Process Streaming or event driven data using Event hub into Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace

Pre requisite


  • GO to Azure Event hub create a new event hub called synapseincoming
  • Set the partition to 1 as this is for testing
  • Go to Shared access policy and create a key to write and copy the connection string
  • Go to Azure Keyvault and store the key
  • Go to Eventhub name space and copy the connections string
  • Copy the event hub name
  • The above information is used for data generator
  • Now lets write the code
  • Go to Azure Synapse Analytics workspace
  • Go to manage and credentials
  • Add the new eventhub synapseincoming connection string to credential
  • We are getting the keys from keyvault stored above
  • Now lets create the code to read the events/messages from event hub and write to serverless sql table
  • destination is serverless sql table
  • Get the connection string securely from credentials
  • Create a new notebook and select pyspark as language


keyVaultName = "keyvaultname"; 
secretName = "synapseeventhub";
secret = mssparkutils.credentials.getSecret(keyVaultName, secretName)connectionString = secret
ehConf = {
'eventhubs.connectionString' :
def write2table(df2, epoch_id):
df = spark \
.readStream \
.format("eventhubs") \
.options(**ehConf) \
df1 = df.withColumn("body", df["body"].cast("string"))df1.writeStream \
.outputMode("update") \
.trigger(processingTime='5 seconds') \
.option("checkpointLocation","abfss://") \
.foreachBatch(write2table) \
.start() \
  • Execute each cell
  • Once the write stream is ran, now we are ready to send data

Event hub Data generator

Azure Synapse Serverless SQL

  • Create a new query
  • Let’s do a count
SELECT count(*) FROM [default].[dbo].[eventhubdata]Select top 300 * from dbo.eventhubdata order by enqueuedTime DESC;

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