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The one & only 01 Certification Program for AI/ML

Too much to choose from, What will be best for me?

Hi guys, Tapan here. As you already know from the title we will see what certification will be best for you. I will give my suggestion guys, you will have to finalize what you will choose. I think most of us at some point have this same question.

Yes, there are tons of certifications are out there. and it's very risky to choose the wrong one, you will not only give you time effort but also lose your money. I have real-world examples where some of my colleagues have failed to choose the best course or certification for them and end up wasting a ton of time.

Let’s begin with 3 questions.

  1. Why you need a certification?
  2. What certification will be best for you?
  3. How you can effectively complete these certifications without any issue.

I mostly segregated people into 3 chunks.

  1. Those who are in college may be in the last year, or those who have just completed their college.

2. Those who are currently doing their job and wanted to switch their career to this field.

3. And finally where people who have almost 10+ years exp in some sector wanted to learn about the hot topic.

Who has a little more time to spear mostly college guys

so answering the questions..1st one why. Definitely, it can give your resume and your profile little weightage. but when it comes to getting a job, no certification helps you without your knowledge. So choose wisely your certification where you can learn more about this field.

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Now, what certification you will choose? .. The people are in college who have some time to spend, all ways go for a course where you will get a ton of knowledge on this field, as you guys are just coming from an academic background can catch up to the math behind very easily.

And it's important to understand the math for all the algorithms especially as most of the data dirty work will come to you. So the better you have understood it from the ground.. it will help you. So from market certifications, I will not suggest you should start with any AWS, Google, or any high-end companies certification as for these top certifications you need ML and their own cloud knowledge for this. So other certifications could be helpful like AAIC, ineuron can help you what are you looking for.

For free course content, you can always check NPTEL for their awesome courses.

3rd is how.. This is for everyone, a lot of dedication and hard work needed. It's all worth it.

Working guys

So for 1st question Why? .. Certification makes your profile good. When you are looking for a switch, a good certification can show the recruiter how well you know about it. As you might have some other exp as well from your previous job.

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Now what kinda certification will be good.. There is nothing you guys can escape from the math and the logic behind it. So the faster you understand it, it's better. So for understanding these concepts, you can take easy help from other colleagues who are working on this already, or a free course can help you here. As you guys might end up working closely with team leads or might become one.. so only ML knowledge will not help here. So once you complete an understanding of ML, you should start looking at any of the big cloud certifications. such as AWS, GCP, IBM’s certification can help you here in a big way. So 2 things 1st complete your understanding with or without paid once, just like I have suggested to the college peoples, and secondly get hands-on with any of the cloud certifications as well.

Now to say.. how will you complete it. It’s again a time-taking course, so utilize this lockdown and do the best.

Experience guys

You guys have the most experience in your fields so you know what a good certification can help you.

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For choosing a certification you need to see if any special help you are getting from the company, I am talking about the PG program(if you haven’t considered it yet) here. So as per me… considering the position you are at right now and the position you will be handling after getting the new position you should go for higher education. And how I am so sure about this? Almost all my seniors and those who I know have done this. If you are not looking into those things now, the best thing will be to get started with all available free courses for understanding ML, get a certification from top companies like AWS, Google One for all the cloud work.

With all this it's best to choose your specification too, it’s like for NLP or CNN or autonomous vehicle or any of the industry you liked (Choose based on your experience) and make sure to get involved with the projects as well for the start. If you are into management also, look around the ML aspect like BA for ML, data analyst, and data engineering parts as well to understand each of the people's work.

These all are my suggestions guys, I learn from many of my friends and mentors, passing these details might help someone who needs it. Thanks

What Now?

Next time will share more insights to prepare for Job interviews for ML, and how have i done it.

Thanks for reading.

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