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Best practices to handle FAQ’s and Chitchat in a chatbot powered by Rasa

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Step by Step guide on how to define FAQs and Chitchats in your Chatbot:-

1. Updating Config file

Rule policy in a config file
faq-retrieval intent
retrieval intent

2. Defining Rules

rules for 2 retrieval intents

3. Making changes to NLU data

4. Updating Responses

defining responses

Perfect you have done great work!

Important Points to Remember

  1. Do not make more than 60–70 retrieves for each retrieval as it can decrease your classification confidence ( Personally experienced ).
  2. Always define more than or equal to 2 retrievals under one retrieval intent otherwise your Response selector won’t train
  3. Make sure you don’t have Rule policy alone in your config file other Policies like MemoizationPolicy and TEDPolicy are also included.


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