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Can people from non-software background get into the coding profile? Yes!

Get the basics in very easy steps and start building things!

As a Software Developer, people always ask me which is the best language they can learn (whether it is Java, Python, or JavaScript). Recently, I interacted with a lot of people, and trust me most of them had one question in common, I feel the same is relatable and heads up to all of us.

Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash

Time changes so does the programming language too. So, it’s important to know the newest things. I mean you can go and code in ancient language too but you will lose your time. Companies these days look for fresh developers who know modern tech stacks.

How do I Start?

Start learning with the language first (I would recommend python) because it’s straightforward and the syntax is not cluttered. Go with basic syntax, and then get into Data Structures/Algorithm. Practice as much as you can and get to know your understanding in and out. You can use this link for learning the coding language [HackerRank] (Python Basic/Problem Solving Basic).

Once done with the important key topics like Data Types, Arrays, Strings, Linked Lists, Recursions, you are good to create small projects maybe a to-do list or attendance system with some basic UI. So now, you know the in and out of the language, and you have a small project created by you.

Now, what's Next?

Start solving coding problems [Easy First*] (I would recommend from leetcode), you’ll get a chance to interact with a lot of other topics as Trees, DP, Time Complexities, and also different ways of solving a single problem and then start building a new web/mobile-based project. Learn more about OOP’s concepts and SQL queries in your spare time. This will give you a wider aspect while solving problems. Once you start, lot’s of questions will hit your head, you’ll start doing research thoroughly and then you’ll fail but you’ll learn every single day :)

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t crack the code at first. You have to keep trying, and eventually, you’ll figure it out. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your journey 👍🏻

Happy Coding.



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