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Create a chatbot using ServiceNow

  1. Log-in to the ServiceNow developer account using the below link.
  2. Once logged in request a new instance.

3. For all the latest updates select the Paris version for the instance.

4. Login to your instance with the password and user id generated.

5. Now you need to activate the plugins required for different actions to be performed in your virtual agent. You can find the activate plugin after clicking on your name at the top right.

6. Search for glide in the filter and activate the Glide Virtual Agent.

7. Once the plugin is activated(you will get a email notification or it may take some time). You can search for Virtual agent in the filter.(need to refresh the page)

8. Now to enable nlu, search for plugin in the filter.

9. Search for model builder in the plugins and Activate the same.

10. Also make sure your application picker is enabled in the settings which is present at the top left corner.

11. Navigate to Studio to create NLU models.

12. Create an application in the studio.

13. Select NLU model while creating application.

14. Go ahead and create a intent with utterances in it and train and publish it. These same intents will be used in designer to create topic.(the scope of the created application).

15. Before you start creating topic you need to enable the NLU settings in General settings and save it.

16. Create a topic in the designer, and publish it.

17. You can test the created topic in the below link by adding a widget to the screen.https://<your instance-url>/sp

Select page in designer after (Ctrl+ Right clicking) on the page.

18. Drag Virtual agent from the widget. and go ahead with testing the utterance configured in NLU model, and place it on the screen.(Remember to keep the virtual agent in global scope before adding).

We have covered the basic setting up of a chatbot in this article. To train and publish the models using api’s. Scripts, branding and advanced configurations will be checked in the next article.




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