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Create a Linux VM using Azure portal and Connect it using MobaXterm

Entire scenario is divided into 2 parts, Part 1 which shows how to create a VM in Azure using azure portal and Part 2 which shows how to connect to the VM created using MobaXterm(third party application used to connect VMs with drag and drop option for file transfer capabilities)

Steps to follow:

PART 1 — Create Azure VM

1. Login into azure portal with your credentials, you will be redirected to azure home page. Click virtual machines in left panel as shown below.

Home page — Azure portal

2. Click on Add to create a VM as shown below

Fill all the 7 stages to create VM

3. Basics: Fill required field marked with red asterisk before field names and click next.

4. Give username and password and allow port for SSH as shown below

5. Disks: Select disk type as Standard SSD as shown below and click next

6. Networking: Leave default setting of networking as it is and click next for management

7. Management: Leave management as default setting as shown below. Make sure all settings are off and click next for advanced

8. Advanced: Leave advanced as default settings and click next for tags.

9. Tags: Give tags according to your requirement, e.g. Client, environment and service with their values as shown below. Click next for reviewing and create the VM

10. Review + Create: Review your VM for all the names, setting and all other parameters which you have given in previous steps. Click on create to create a VM for you. In few minutes you are ready with your VM

PART 2— Connect VM Using MobaXterm

You will need a SSH client to connect to your VM, I recommend MobaXterm as it gives multiples leverages as drag n drop of files to copy, change the file directly from app, update or delete the files on a click, etc.

1. Download and Install mobaxterm:

2. Open the app

3. Click on Session on top left corner

4. Click on SSH

5. Give Host, Username and password according to your VM: Enter username and password you have created while creating the VM. Leave port as 22 which is for SSH

6. Mobaxterm shell will get open and will get the file structure on the left panel

We can now drag and drop files from local to the machine or create files here directly.



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