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Deep Learning Specialization Course

Course 2: Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameters tuning, Regularization and Optimization (Week 3 notes)

HyperParameter Tuning

Training the neural networks involve setting several hyperparameters. In this week we will learn to find a good setting for them.

  1. Tuning Process

Batch Normalization

One of the important ideas in deep learning is an algorithm called batch normalization that helps to train an algorithm faster.

  1. Normalizing the input features to mean zero and variance one, increases the speed similarly batch norm does that to hidden layers.
  2. Consider the scenario of covariate shift, where distribution changes with another dataset and the algorithm fail to generalize on that dataset. Similarly, in the neural network, if any we consider any hidden layer, the input values keep on changing resulting in covariate shift. Batch norm reduces the amount that the distribution of these hidden unit values shifts around.

Multiclass Classification

Generalization of logistic regression is known as softmax regression which can let us make predictions to identify more than two classes. In the below image, the outer layer will have four output units where we will try to identify the probability of each of the four classes.



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