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Deploy Your First Docker Container — Part 1

Step 1 : Running A Container

The first task is to identify the name of the Docker Image which is configured to run Redis. With Docker, all containers are started based on a Docker Image. These images contain everything required to launch the process; the host doesn’t require any configuration or dependencies.

Jane can find existing images at or by using the command

docker search <name>

For example, to find an image for Redis, you would use docker search redis.

Using the search command, Jane has identified that the Redis Docker Image is called redis and wants to run the latest release. Because Redis is a database, Jane wants to run it as a background service while she continues to work.

To complete this step, launch a container in the background running an instance of Redis based on the official image.

The Docker CLI has a command called run which will start a container based on a Docker Image. The structure is

docker run <options> <image-name>

By default, Docker will run a command in the foreground. To run in the background, the option -d needs to be specified.

docker run -d redis

By default, Docker will run the latest version available. If a particular version was required, it could be specified as a tag, for example, version 3.2 would be

docker run -d redis:3.2

As this is the first time Jane is using the Redis image, it will be downloaded onto the Docker Host machine.

Step 2 , We’ll continue in Part II




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