Deploying Machine Learning models using Django

HR Analytics

Aniket Wattamwar
Analytics Vidhya



Understanding of Machine Learning using Python (sklearn)

Basics of Django

Basics of HTML,CSS

In this article you will learn how to deploy Machine Learning (ML) models using Django. We will also discuss the ML Problem Statement which is the HR Analytics.

I have taken this problem from Analytics Vidhya. A special thank you to them for providing such amazing problem statements.

Now before we start, take a look at this website-HR Analytics. This is what we are going to make. I have deployed the website on Heroku.

Lets understand what the website does. You will see three buttons with the model name. When you click on any one of the buttons it is going to download a prediction file of that particular model. To do this we are using Django. Also, make sure the headings of that .csv file is what you see in the sample submission file that you have downloaded.

1.) ML code