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Docker Commands

  1. Introduction
  2. Docker File
  3. Basic Docker Commands ( You are here! )
  4. Port and Volume Mapping
  5. Docker Networking
  6. Docker Storage
  7. Docker Compose
  8. Deleting Docker Entities
docker pull docker/whalesay
docker build [-t <name_of_image>] [-f <name_of_Dockerfile>] <path_to_Dockerfile>
docker run --name nginx-container nginx:1.16
docker ps
docker stop nginx-container
docker rm nginx-container
docker images
docker rmi nginx
docker attach <container id or name>
docker inspect <container id or name>
docker logs <container id or name>
docker push sumeet/mlflow-postgres



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Sumeet Gyanchandani

Machine Learning Engineer at Unit8 | Former Thesis Intern at Microsoft Research | Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence