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Drawing Insights from a Covid-19 Data Set

A step by step approach on how Exploratory Data Analysis was used to clean, visualize and draw insight from a Covid-19 data set.

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The steps I took to analyse the data set are thus:

  • Definitions
  • Data Cleaning
  • Visualization
  • Drawing Insights


Data cleaning

Data Visualization

Total Cases

Total Deaths

Total recovered

Active cases

Serious/Critical Cases

Deaths recorded

Total Tests Taken

Drawing Insights

Recovered Cases

Active Cases

Serious/ Critical Cases


Summary of our observations

Some tools for visualization in Data Science aside python tools include:

  • Tableau : Also called the master of visualization. It is fast and easy to use because there is no prior knowledge of programming required.
  • Power BI : It was developed by Microsoft and it provides business intelligence and Analytics need.
  • Chartblocks : is an online tool and it also does not require any coding. It prepares visualizations for live feed, spreadsheets, databases and so on.
  • Google charts : The charts created are interactive and some also have the option to zoom, to check data. You should try using it.
  • QlikView : it can pull in data with help of associative dashboards, It keeps the data in RAM of server for users and has features that speeds up development.



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