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Engaging ML Tracking and Visualization : Sit Back and Relax

Chapter 1 — W&B

Learn Something New: The Golden Pheasant are popularly known as the ‘Chinese Pheasant’ as they are native to Western and Central China, living primarily in the mountainous forests. From The New York Public Library —

The world of Machine and Deep Learning (ML & DL) is growing at a fantastic pace. As presented in the “The AI Index 2021 Annual Report” and shown in the following graph, in the year 2020, US researchers alone submitted more than 11k AI-Related publications on arXiv. Combining the numbers from other places like the EU and China, AI and its…




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Paras Koundal

Hi there. 👋🏾I am a Particle Physicist working in the in the field of Cosmic-Ray Physics at IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica. Visit

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