Facial recognition of masked people is 96% correct

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2 min readJan 11, 2021

This is a review of some artificial intelligence news that happened throughout the week


New facial recognition system recognizes and identifies people 96% of the time, even when wearing a mask. At the beginning of the pandemic, facial recognition was not at the level of identifying people with a mask, according to a report by the Department of National Security (DHS), it seems to have achieved the feat. The new system capable of identifying people with their faces covered is a controversial and worrying development. DHS frames the technology as a matter of public safety to monitor airline passengers without removing their masks.

Images from text


OpenAI is developing models that enhance computer vision and can produce original images from a text message.
Called DALL · E, the module extracts a text with multiple characteristics, analyzes them and draws an image based on what it thinks was described. The OpenAI team describes it as “a simple set-top-only transformer” and notes that they plan to provide more details on its architecture and how it can be used as they learn more about it.

Finding New Uses for AI Medicine


Scientists develop an algorithm that processes enormous amounts of information to help determine existing drugs that could improve outcomes in diseases for which they were not originally created. The idea is to speed up the reuse of medicines. The research required data from nearly 1.2 million heart disease patients, providing information on assigned treatment, disease outcomes, and various values for potential confounders. The deep learning algorithm also has the power to take into account the passage of time in each patient’s experience, for each visit, prescription and diagnostic test. The model input for drugs is based on their active ingredients.

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