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Formula 1: 5 Things to Become A World Champion

Photo by M. Mullie via Unsplash

It’s light out and away we go

It’s a lovely sunny race day here in Monaco. GP Monaco is one of the most endearing and glamorous events in motorsport industry. Home of iconic ‘Grand Hotel’ hairpin with exotic sea shore where million of yachts settle meters away from the track. Pack of bars and casinos will entertain you pre and post race day. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, Monaco will be missed from calendar race 2020 for the first time in history since 1955 and lost revenue about 140 million euros.

Instead of watching on TV, let’s imagine, you driving a supercar in 180 mph in Monaco, get the podium and showering yourself with champagne, how cool is that? Now let’s figure out what it takes to get a seat in F1 and race in Monaco, and even further become a F1 world champions. Sounds cool isn’t it.

Now you are wondering, how to get through. Well, let’s take a look on previous historical winner data from 1950–2019 to get through.

1. Where to Start Your Career?

A world-champion is not made only by single factor called as talent, but it also takes time and nurtured by sound environment either technical or non technical. Let’s assume, a good place to start your career reflected by number of titles a country has got.

Fig-1| World Champion Titles per Nationality

In our world map above, data given since 1950 and it shows that UK has been led with 19 titles while Germany and Brazil followed in second and third place respectively. Now you are ready to embark new journey in UK.

2.a Get Mentor ! (1/2)

Let’s be honest, you can’t teach yourself everything, that means you need a mentor. A mentor will guide and suggest you based on knowledge and experience he had. Let’s say you will be a mentee of previous F1 world champion holder. To determine your mentor, you will look into data that says ‘the most highest trophies per driver for a country’. The reason behind is, the less score on trophies per driver means a driver’s silverwares don’t significantly contribute to country’s championship tally.

Fig-2| Titles per Driver Contribution

Now, you have options to take mentor for yourself. Please consider rightfully as the chance may not come twice and wrong step will cost you much.

2.b Get Mentor ! (2/2)

After many sleepless nights and endless discussion with family, you have selected Germans for many reasons. I’ll show you the option in chart as follows.

Fig-3| Germany’s Titles

You have three of Germans to be chosen, all three are great. The number of boxes represent the number of trophies. Perhaps one of those is willing to be your mentor.

3. Get Car & Team

You are ready to have a debut season. Before that, you need a reliable car as car is the main weapon for your battle in track. A proven team with outstanding track record will be your biggest target and many drivers will fight for the seat. These are top five world champion teams since 1950.

Fig-4| Constructor Titles Standings

Did you get sign? No? Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world. We will figure out together and comeback with alternative solution.

4. Get Engine

You are devastated and disappoint, because F1 is all your dream about. You decide to call your papa in home country and tell the everything. Fortunately, you were born from multi million dollars family, so money never a big problem. To help you out, your family decide to buy a team and paid for car R&D. Now, you’ve got car and crew but engine is still missing from the whole of puzzle. You are looking proven engine suppliers to help you compete in a race track. Here’s the top five list.

Fig-5| Engine Titles Standings

Now you are ready to debut, got everything you need to race. Have fun !

5. Percentage of Points

Congratulations, for your amazing debut season and first of many podiums. Now, you are getting fluent in business and aiming bigger fish. You are figuring minimum points to achieve in order to be crowned as world champion. Well, actually it depends on number of races in calendar, but the truth lies in minimum percentage of points. If you ask me, I will show the figure below.

Fig-6| Minimum Points Achievable

I have shared everything to you, now get some cauldrons and do experiments to create secret recipe. Always remember to keep humble and persistent.

Bonus: Age Distribution

Wow, that was amazing final race and wonderful season. You are such a good title contenders, it’s just a matter of time to be crowned. You are still young and got plenty of time. Always remember, Juan Fangio won his last title in 46 years old. Keep pushing and eventually you’ll be there.

Fig-7| Youngest and Oldest Drivers
Fig-8| Age Distribution Among Drivers

That’s it! Good luck for your long journey.


This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as professional advice. The information is being presented is merely an opinion and not fact.




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