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Figure 1: High-level scheme of exploration-exploitation mechanism. The model receives an instance to predict, then it decides whether to change itself (adapt itself to the drift) or to continue to exploit (predict) based on the already gained knowledge. Image credit: Author
Figure 2: The illustration exhibits the opposite phases of the exploration-exploitation concept. When the learning system is exploring, it obtains new knowledge that will serve it further on for efficient exploitation; in the phase of exploration, the exploitation process decreased since both instruments cannot be in a synchronic state. A-synchronicity underlines the suggestive to operate on both strata to gain optimality. Image credit: Author
Figure 3: Relation between the steepness of a curve and the level of the balance in the exploration-exploitation. Image credit: Author
Figure 5: The plot shows an optimal case where the balance between exploration and exploitation is 1. The optimal balance assures linearity in the riskiness curve and its stationary behavior. The fluctuations on the curve are bounded which means that there is bounded riskiness over a period. That would imply that the likelihood of the unbounded degradation on model performance is low. Image credit: Author




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