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Google Colab Tips: Easy export notebook to github

I like Google Colab platform. Google Colab is a great free to use platform for experimenting with Machine Learning. The only thing you need to start using Google Colab is to have Google account. Google Colab is integrated with Google Drive so you can easily open ipynb notebooks directly in Google Colab app from Google Drive.

Let say you have a great ML pipeline in ipynb notebook in Google Colab and you want to present it to a recruiter. Colab provides a nice out-of-box integration with github.

Open a ipynb notebook. Go to File > Save a Copy in Github …

Now you need to authorize the Google and grant Google Colab permission to acess your github account. You will be prompted with a modal dialog.

Here you can specify the target repository, filepath to save the notebook and commit message. Go to your github and check to see the notebook is already there.

That’s simple, isn’t it. Enjoy experimenting with Machine Learning and Google Colab.



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