What does HakerRank Data Suggest about Developers?

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Hacker Rank is a great place to learn code and to enhance your skills in different algorithms of Computer science.

It’s a place where programmers from all over the world come together and take part in a different coding contest of algorithms, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, and many more.

In 2018 HackerRank has conducted a Survey of 25,000 professionals and students of a developer who works in different fields of Computer Science and has made the Data-set openly available to all under the Creative Commons License.

I’ve examined the data and have come up with some questions which I would like to answer through this article.

“Which Platform do people use the most to learn code?”

“What Qualities Hiring managers look for in candidate?”

“What people look for in a company when looking for a job opportunities?”

Part 1: What Platform do people use the most to learn code?

First I would like to look at the data for different learning resources.

Figure 1

Here You can see the proportion of individuals on the bar chart that states different platforms.

StackOverflow comes out to be the most extensively used site for learning purposes.

By looking at the bar chart (Figure 1), around 83.70 % of the people are using StackOverflow to learn code by posting questions or using the previously answered questions.

Note: As Respondent can check for multiple options in the survey therefore the sum of the total percentage might be greater than 100.

1.1 What platform developers within different age groups use the most

It turns out that people within the age group 25–35 years are commonly using StackOverflow the most (89.51%), followed by the age group 25–34 years (87.57%), then 45–54 years(86.97%).

Developers between the age of 18 to 24 years (72.22%) often use youtube along with StackOverflow

Figure 1.1

1.2 Country-wise uses of different platforms

Developers from about 153 countries have participated in this survey. Here I’ve just investigated the top 10 countries in terms of the number of submissions of the survey from each country.

Those who are from India and Indonesia are utilizing YouTube the most, as nearly 74 to 75 % have reported that they use YouTube as compared to other countries.

Figure 1.2

However, people from Russia(78.57%) and Poland(75.00%) still prefer to read books as Compared to Other Countries.

1.3 Gender wise use of different resources

Well, there is not any major difference based on gender regarding the use of resources.

Figure 1.3

Part 2: What Qualities do Hiring managers are looking for in candidates?

Figure 2

According to the dataset, 7841 developers reported themselves as Hiring Managers.

The following section describes what they expect from the candidate during the hiring process.

2.1 What Qualification Hiring Managers look for

Generally, people think a Computer Science degree increases the chances of success in the recruitment process of the tech industry. Let’s see what the data suggest about it.

Hiring managers are preferring candidates with having Previous Work Experience (77.24 %) followed by Years of Experience (59.75 %).

Figure 2.1

Only, 38.25 % of the Hiring managers believe that a Computer Science Degree is necessary to break into the field.

It turns out that the Hiring Managers are preferring Previous Work Experience, Years of Experience, and Github and Personal projects more than the CS Degree.

2.2 What Language or FrameWorks Hiring manager wants you to know

Is there any special programming language or Frameworks that the Hiring Manager Focuses on the most?

Well, the Answer to this question also depends on the field in which you are applying, but let's take a broad overview of what is in demand of Most Hiring Managers.

In the bar charts below, I was interested is there any special type of programming language that Hiring Managers Focus on the most.

Here you can see in descending order the proportions of Hiring Managers that state various languages.

Figure 2.2

By looking at the above bar chart it turns out that only 47.95 % of the Hiring Managers are looking for javascript developers and 46.56 % are looking for Java developers.

Figure 2.3

The same is also true for FrameWorks, 36.37% and 37.86 % of the Hiring Managers are usually picking candidates who know AngularJS and NodeDotJS respectively.

3. What do people look for in a company when looking for job opportunities?

Let's see what the majority of the developers are looking for while applying for the job in Tech organizations.

Figure 3

It must be clear from the barplot (Figure 3) that most of the applicants look for professional growth and learning(55.80%), Work-life Balance(54.39%).

Although they also see interesting problems (44.03%) and Smart People Teams (43.54%).

3.1 Based on Age groups

What people within different age groups look for when applying for a job in a company.

Candidates between 18 - 24, 25 - 34, and 35 - 44 are mostly preferring Worklife Balance and Professional growth and learning.

Figure 3.1

and those between 65 - 74 are choosing companies with Smart People Teams.

3.2 Based on Gender

Is there any difference in the choices of the candidates based on gender.

Figure 3.2

Females ( 63.42 % ) are choosing Professional growth and learning as their main priority as compared to males.

3.3 Based on different Country

Let’s see the variation based on the country

Figure 3.3

Those who are from Turkey(68.00%), Brazil(66.14%), Indonesia(62.79%) states Work-Life Balance as their main priority.

and also Brazil(64.54%), India(64.24%), Russia(61.64%) want to have respect for their professional growth and learning.

Conclusion :

In this article, I’ve just presented my observation based on the analysis of HackerRank’s Data-Set available on Kaggle, To get more details about the data set click here.

  • StackOverflow comes out to be the champion. It is the most extensively used site for learning purposes. and it is interesting to note about those who are from Russia and Poland as usually prefer to read books as Compared to Other Countries.
  • Hiring Managers are usually preferring candidates having Previous Work Experience and high Years of experience.
  • People are generally looking for jobs that respect their professional growth and learning, Work-life Balance.

To see more about this analysis, see the link to my Github available here.