How to start with Data Science?

Ankit Rathi
Aug 18, 2018 · 3 min read

This is my first podcast on SoundCloud, this podcast covers one of the most frequently asked question by beginners - how to start with data science?

I have attached my podcast to this blog post to cover the outline and to share the links of the resources mentioned in the podcast.

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Podcast Outline


  • Welcome to Data Deft, my data science podcast
  • Covers various data science topics
  • From FAQs to latest trends in the field

Background & Context

  • Started with data science in 2012
  • Only a handful of resources available then
  • Too many courses, books, blogs to learn from now
  • Hand-picked resources mentioned here
  • Not an exhaustive list, mostly the resources I use often

Learning Aspects

  • Four aspects to learn data science
  • Concepts: basic building blocks of data science & algorithms
  • Process: from defining business problem to deployment of model
  • Tools: open-sources, proprietary tools, cloud platforms
  • Staying updated: websites, blogs, podcasts to follow
  • Sharing resources to cover these aspects

Before continuing with this post, if you are loving the content, check out my post on ‘How to launch your DS/AI Career in 12 weeks?’

1. Coursera

  • Two popular & most followed learning courses
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning by Andrew Ng
  • Mainly cover concepts & processes

2. Books

  • Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka
  • Machine Learning with R by Brett Lantz
  • Primarily cover concepts, process & tools

3. Kaggle

  • World’s largest platform for data science competitions
  • These sections are Learn, Datasets, Kernels & Competitions
  • It covers concepts, process & tools

4. AnalyticsVidhya

  • Another leading platform for Data Science competitions
  • It has Learn, Engage, Compete sections
  • This covers concepts, tools, staying updated


  • Many other resources: KDNuggets, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
  • But above four are enough for beginners for now
  • Thanks for listening, waiting for the feedback

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