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Implement PTC Thingworx in Azure PaaS

Use Case

Implement PTC Thingworx Industrial IoT Solution in Azure PaaS

  • How to deploy thingworx in Azure using PaaS components
  • Using AKS for application
  • Using Azure SQL database for Database Storage
  • Using Azure IoT Hub for device communication and management
  • using Azure Storage for checkpoint and long term data storage
  • docker containers are stored in Azure container registry
  • Store secrets in azure keyvault



  • Network design
  • Create a private Network for AKS
  • Create a private endpoint for Storage
  • Create a private endpoint for Azure SQL Database
  • Create Private DNS
  • Ensure communication firewall rules are allowed and opened
  • Azure firewall
  • VM — F16 series VM with 16 CPU — 32 GB — 3 nodes minimum for production
  • Use Azure DevOps for code repository
  • Use Azure DevOps for CI/CD to deploy between environments
  • Optional terraform can also be used to deploy

Azure Components

  • IoT Hub
  • Azure SQL Database
  • For Development — DTU — 200 minimum
  • For QA/Test/Production — 16 CPU — 32 Gigs
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Keyvault
  • Azure Storage — ADLS Gen2
  • Azure AD
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Devops — for CI/CD Infrastructure deployment

Thingxworx components


  • 1 Nginx Controller — ingress docker container
  • 1 thingworx docker container
  • 1 Ignite containers
  • 1 IotHub thingworx connector
  • 1 Zookeeper nodes


  • 2 Nginx Controller — ingress docker container
  • 3 thingworx docker container
  • 2 Ignite containers
  • 1 IotHub thingworx connector
  • 3 Zookeeper nodes
  • Above configuration can take upto 100,000 devices
  • Assign ngix controller to thingworx URL — Basically match port 443 to nginx ip to thingworx IP.
  • Architecture above shows what port it connects to

How To

Thingworx development

  • All development work is done thingworx web portal
  • Thing modelling and dashboard are built in Thingworx Web portal
  • Need license for thingworx
  • All thingworx modules are available through their web portal
  • Need login provided by PTC to access downloads

Original articles — ptc/ at main · balakreshnan/ptc (



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