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Importing bot from Lex and exporting to AWS Alexa

  1. Export the bot from lex.

2. While exporting select the skill as Alexa.

3. A zip file gets downloaded to your local, extract it you will find a json file. Copy paste only the intents into the intent section of Alexa JSON editor first, and add a comma at the end of the flower brace.

Add it to the JSON editor that you find in Interaction Model. Save and build.

4. Copy paste the prompts and dialogue from the JSON obtained from lex.

5. Now you would find types if your skill is newly created, just add the prompts and dialogues below it. If your Alexa skill already has few custom intents then it would have a dialogue, you can add these intents dialogue in that section.

6. You can use JSONlint to check if after adding its a valid JSON. Save and build you skill, once valid.

7. Once build is successful, you will find the intents created under the Intents section.



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