Is Go better than Python?

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3 min readOct 20, 2020

40 Year’s ago python made its first appearance into the world but it almost took 20 years to gain appreciation from developers. In 2019 it has been the most used and most loved language by the Developers.

Its growth over the past 5–7 years is huge and it made the developers to move to python for Machine Learning and Data Science. Python would be the king for the above areas for the next few years. But it also has so many drawbacks as compared to the newly emerged languages till date.

Stack Overflow Trends Go vs Python (till 2019)

So let’s see what is Python and Go..

Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language. It has built-in data structures, combined with dynamic binding and typing. It also offers support for modules and packages, which allows system modularity and code reuse.

Go, a programming language developed at Google, has seen a lot of success in the last couple of years. A large portion of modern cloud, networking, and DevOps software is written in Go, for example Docker, Kubernetes.

Important reasons to use Go:

  1. Go allows users to use static linking to combine all the dependency libraries and modules into one single binary file based on type of OS and architecture.
  2. Go language performed performed efficiently because of CPU scalability and concurrency model.
  3. Go language offers support for multiple libraries and tools. Hence it doesn’t require any 3rd party libraries.
  4. It has a great way to handle errors.

Important reasons to use Python:

  1. Python is a powerful OOP’s language.
  2. Python is a portable language so that it can be run on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms.
  3. Python comes with many prebuilt libraries which makes the development easier and faster.
  4. Very simple syntax compared to Java, C , and C++ languages.

Features of Go:

1. Easy and readable code.

2. Great Libraries.

3. Concurrency support.

4. Garbage collection called goLand.

5. Features powerful standard library.

6. Package Management.

7. Static Typing.

Features of Python:

1. Easy to learn, read and maintain

2. High Performance

3. Fast compilation times

4. Simple, minimal syntax

5. Statically linked binaries which are simple to deploy

6. Python language can be interpreted with Java, C, and C++ programming code

7. Python offers automatic garbage collection

Why Go Language ?

Go made its first launch 10 years ago. It was developed at Google. It has serval advantages over Python and that’s why I am interested.

Easy to Learn

Go is syntax is simple and its similar to C. It is easy when someone knows C or Java Language. Visit this link to get around basics of Go Lang.


Go is statically typed and compiled language. This means the execution will be several times faster than Python. Unlike Python, Go doesn’t need the help of other languages to be faster.

Growing Popularity

Go is the 2020’s much in demand programming language according to a HackerEarth survey.



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