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Journey of Apache Kafka & Zookeeper Administrator ( Part 15 )

August 2020 ( Initial Support for Docker Containers )

Random Picture of CMAK

In this article, I will share things about #CMAK running in #Containers.

I using Docker Runtime as a starting point but the same things can be extended for CoreOS / LXC / etc.

As CMAK is a standalone application and doesn’t store its state in a local machine. It’s the best candidate for containers.

There are two ways for making an image of CMAK.

  1. Building CMAK from Scratch.
  2. Use Pre-build CMAK Jar.

I am going to share details about Building CMAK from Scratch.

Let’s check DockerFile

FROM openjdk:11LABEL AUTHOR="Davinder Pal"
ENV ZK_HOSTS=localhost:2181
RUN cd /tmp && wget${CMAK_VERSION}.tar.gz && \
tar -xzvf ${CMAK_VERSION}.tar.gz
RUN cd /tmp/CMAK-${CMAK_VERSION} && \
./sbt clean dist
RUN unzip -d / /tmp/CMAK-${CMAK_VERSION}/target/universal/cmak-${CMAK_VERSION}.zipRUN rm -fr /tmp/CMAK-${CMAK_VERSION} /tmp/${CMAK_VERSION}.tar.gzWORKDIR /cmak-${CMAK_VERSION}EXPOSE 9000
ENTRYPOINT ["./bin/cmak","-Dconfig.file=conf/application.conf"]
  • I am using OpenJDK 11 as the base Image because CMAK recommends using Java 11.
  • Zookeeper Hosts are passed as environment variables to the container at Runtime.
  • No Need to Install SBT aka because CMAK already contains SBT binary in Code.
  • It doesn’t support any authentication methods Basic / LDAP for now.

The journey takes a break here, as I haven’t done my research on the next part yet so sorry for that. ( Next Things are Support for Kubernetes or Similar Tool )




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