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Narrative Design Patterns for Data Storytelling

How narrative patterns can help you to present your story?

How does this happen?

Basically, the narrative patterns connect your narrative with the intent of the story, so if you have the story, the ideia of who the audience is and know the effect your story should have on that audience, you choose the narrative pattern that best fits your goals.

Narrative patterns grouped into 5 major pattern groups (Source: Riche,
Hurter, Diakopoulos & Carpendale, 2018, Fig. 5.2, p.112.)

Patterns for Argumentation

Patterns for Flow

Example for speed-up, the traces givind the impression of arms firing (Source:

Patterns for Framing the Narrative

Example for familiarize pattern (Source:

Patterns for Empathy and Emotion

Patterns for Engagement

Example of rethorical question and call-to-action (Source:



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