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Perceptron Perceiving

Source Illustration of a line behaving as a separator for all points in the XY plane. The orientation of line can be configured using its slope and intercept and hence any linear separator can be represented as a line.
Palak’s calculations — The hexagon is identified by its 6 bounding lines. For each line the equation was derived using points of intersection. Each line was modeled as a separator to represent the region inside the hexagon. The conditions are show in green and blue.

sign(weight*point.x + bias — point.y)

Source The logical AND of all the conditions derived from each line is the region inside the pentagon.
Source For two closed convex polygons, we model them as two separate problems like before i.e. AND of all conditions in the respective lines. We add one more condition of a logical OR representing either of the two polygons.
Source Extrapolation of the concept
  • It is a lot more top-down than bottom-up. Programming assignments that I have done make you implement primitive implementations of things like string comparison, pattern drawing, fancy math tricks, etc. But the focus should be rather on developing skills for incremental development i.e given the building blogs, can you extend it, complete them and connect them to solve a problem. Not only would appreciate the skeleton (which they might have to build on their own in future) a lot more, but they would also understand it much better by actually seeing it getting applied by their own hands. As an introduction, a top-down approach gives a broader picture into the domain and seeds a stronger motivation in the student to learn.
  • The second key takeaway from the assignment was the connection-ism. Using known concepts (geometry, trigonometry, programming) to learn something new (OOPs), to build something which I will learn in the future (classifier) has the connotation of story-telling. It adds a sense of purpose to what I am learning and is taken a lot more seriously. Humans have a tendency to derive satisfaction when things connect, this assignment was a bold testament for the same.
  • A final takeaway from the assignment was something I call metaphoric-scaffolding. The act of explaining complex concepts by representing them as interactions between simpler, physical object collections which serve as metaphors. Explaining “training a classifier” technically to a kid of that age might not be all that easy, but converting it into a configuration problem in coordinate geometry with reduced dimensions was a solid metaphor.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”



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