Replicating Amazon DynamoDB tables in different regions

Dineshkarthik Raveendran
Analytics Vidhya
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1 min readJun 21, 2018


Often developers who work on AWS DynamoDB happen to replicate one or more tables on a different region. This can be done using AWS S3 and AWS Data Pipeline as explained here.

But for those hardcore command-line fans who don’t like to do click, click, click (same as me). The following is a simple python script which uses boto3, that will replicate the required table in a different region with the same key schema, attribute definitions and copy data into it.

How the script works:

  • Scan the existing table for schema, attributes and data.
  • Create a new table in the new region with the same schema and attribute definitions.
  • Usually, DynamoDB takes a couple of seconds to create the table. This is handled by wait_until_exists(), which polls every 20 seconds until a successful state is reached.
  • Reload to update the attributes of the table resource, thus get the actual table status.
  • Once the new table is active write all the items scanned from the existing table into it.
python -t my-table -r eu-west-1 -nr us-east-2

The above will replicate the table named “my-table” in eu-west-1 to us-east-2.