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Resume for Data Science / Machine Learning Engineer

Key things to remember while writing your resume.

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Hey guys, Nowadays I see people started their journey to Data Science / Machine Learning quite often. They do study hard, do all types of project hackathons, competitions, and whatnot.

But when it comes to jobs, I see very fewer people getting hired by companies. One of the key issues with not able to write a professional resume by themself. Here in this blog, we will see some key aspects of writing a resume and My resume that I have used for my own job hunt.

1. Stop Doing it again and again

As you have updated your resume in all job portals and if you didn’t get calls as you expected, then there you go your first sign to update your resume or something somewhere missing.

So instead of updating your profile with the same resume, try updating with a new and fresh look-alike resume. The quicker you will do the faster you will get the calls. I faced this same situation, I learned it a hard way.

2. Paid template for a resume?

Yes, you found a solution, but it’s going to cost you high. A simple solution is to make it by yourself. Any design app like photoshop can take at least months to learn and yet it's not free either.

So for this, the best solution is with the smaller yet powerful design apps like Adobe Xd it's free for individuals like us. and it will take 1 to 2hr to understand how this works. This just click and type in canvas approach.

You can design how modern or how attractive a resume you want. Do a search for newly updated resumes where you can show your experience. And try to make your version.

3. What should be there in a resume?

A recruiter can max give 30 to 45 sec to a resume while screening no matter how good it is. So make your resume informative as well as something different from the crowd.

Profile Summary: A clear 2 to 3 lines profile summary will help the recruiter what to expect in the resume.

Skills: Mention your skills what you are well-versed and that you are confident in.

Profile Highlights: Most of my colleagues and friends I see do not see them writing their achievement until they got 1st rank or somethings. If someone adds these highlights, it really adds up value to your resume.

Contact information: Add all your contact information with profiles that are LinkedIn and Github. It will help tech-recruiter to get your coding abilities from GitHub and all.

4. How to check if it’s good?

Your friends and colleagues can help you here. Ask them to check the new resume for 1–2 mins and ask them what things they noticed, and you can know what all adjustments you have to make in order to show the things you want to show to your recruiter.

5. Here is my resumes snippet


Hey, Guys here are some tips to remember when you start working on your first resume.

Thanks, guys for reading this. Please comment for any queries.

What Now?

There you go .. Next time will share more details on Interview Preparation for DS / ML.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks. Please comment down for any queries.



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