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Server validation in Flask API with JSON schema

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Validation in the API world means checking if the data send is good or not. You never can entirely rely on having only a client-side validation. Because you don’t know what’s happening on the client, you can’t trust the data you receive. Even if you have a private API, someone could still send you invalid requests.

Server-side validation implied checking multiple things :

  • what are the expected properties
  • does they have the good format/type
  • is the property required

Json schema

The JSON Schema is a way to describe any instance of JSON data, like the ones found in our HTTP request or response.

The keyword type will restrict your property to a certain type. There is several possible values :

  • string
  • number
  • object
  • array
  • boolean
  • null


"my_param": { "type": "number" }

You can ensure that you parameter is inside a certain range with additional parameters :

  • xminimum
  • x > exclusiveMinimum
  • xmaximum
  • x < exclusiveMaximum
"my_param": { 
"type": "number",
"minimum": 0,
"maximum": 100


"my_param": { "type": "string" }

There is also some optional parameters :

  • minLength (minimum numbers of characters my string can contain)
  • maxLength (maximum numbers of characters my string can contain)
  • Pattern (it’s a regex, will be consider as valid if the string match the regex)
"firstname": {
"type": "string",
"minLength": 2,
"maxLength": 50


"my_param": { "type": "object" }

With properties you can describe all the variables inside of your object.

"type": "object",
"properties": {
"number": { "type": "number" },
"street_name": { "type": "string" },
"required": ["street_name"]

One important keyword in required. It will make sure that some of the values are send in the request.


"my_param": { "type": "array" }

You can apply validation to the elements of the array if they all follow the same schema. You can check length of the array minItems and maxItems.

"my_param": { 
"type": "array,
"minItems": 3,
"items: {
"type": "number"

You can create list of complex elements, and have list of objects that themselves contains lists…


"my_param": { "type": "boolean" }

No real surprise here, the value can either be True or False


"my_param": { "type": "null" }

Is used to represent a missing value, it’s equivalent to None in python

Multiple types

Maybe a parameter can have multiple possible type, for example string and None. When the value send can be either empty or a string.

"my_param": { "type": ["string, "null"] }

Validation with Flask

The package

There is several python packages that will do validation based on JSON schema. I personally use flask-expects-json.

To install it :

pip install flask-expects-json

How it work

The package simply works as a decorator for your flask endpoints.

schema = {
"type": "object",
"properties": {
"name": { "type": "string" },
"email": { "type": "string" }
"required": ["email"]
@app.route('/', methods=['POST'])
def example_endpoint():

If the request received does not correspond to the schema it will raise an error. And a 400 error will be send as a response.-

Skip validations methods

If your endpoint has several method, you can ignore the validation for some of them.

@app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
@expects_json(schema, ignore_for=['GET'])
def example():

There is other useful keywords in the json-schema. I’ve only covered here the most useful ones.




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