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Aug 9 · 5 min read

Amidst the AI hype, there’s also a sinister buzz about how AI will take away our jobs! However, truth remains that the role of manpower in AI-enabled world will become minimal but not destroyed. In fact, AI experts will always stay in demand!

It means that…

You don’t need to fear the AI job loss epidemic that has creating fear among the professionals. And if you still have some doubt then read this…

Gartner survey says that among 89 countries a massive 270% jump in AI took a toll in implementing this technology in the past four years. This growth is not going to cease until the foreseeable future. Markets and Markets predict the AI market that was valued at $21.5 billion in 2018 will rise to $190.6 billion by 2025.

With 91% of enterprises expecting to hit the AI business market by 2023, AI experts and AI professionals will drastically rise. The discussion on the growth of AI is inevitable, it’s time you ask yourself this question — ‘Am I ready for the future of jobs?’

AI Impact On Jobs:

  • Over 80 million people around the world will lose their jobs to automation by 2030. But these statistics need to juxtapose, as much as we fear to lose our jobs to automation, this trend will also redefine and create newer roles in the AI industry.
  • In 2019, 40% of the digital initiatives will use AI and its services.

If you wish to become an indispensable candidate/employee, then you should keep up with the evolving trends and technologies in the field of AI. You can make it possible by up-skilling or retraining yourself in the IT field.

Here I am listing down intelligent ways to future-proof your AI career

👉1. Doing what robots can’t do:

Not a day goes by without hearing how AI is going to rule the job market. Sounding alarming? As much as automation and robots are here to ease our jobs, yet, the imminent rise of robots is threatening human employment. Precisely, the machines that we humans have developed are now performing tasks sharing our employment.

Artificial intelligence is here to better our lives. The majority of our jobs will indeed be replaced by AI. Likewise, skills such as tasks such as critical thinking, soft skills, creativity, empathy, and intuition won’t be accomplished by these so-called robots.

At any rate, if humans are threatened due to constant bickering of robots taking away our jobs. It is not going to be salient, at least not for the next two generations to come. At the moment, what we’re supposed to be worried about is about the comeback and the spreading disinformation. Why debate when we don’t even have relevant skills to combat with the ongoing AI skill gap?

👉2. Learn a new programming language:

For professionals in the IT domain, learning a new programming language or having the knack for coding is the smartest decision to take. Staying ahead of others and future-proofing one’s career by learning to code in in-demand languages can end up replacing workers with redundant skills.

For instance, specialist working behind desks have been replaced by chatbots. But have you wondered, who are the people responsible for creating automated chatbots? Well, they’re 🔗AI experts and programmers who’ve been trained to work on technologies such as AI and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) making it possible for customers to gain solutions.

Learning a new programing language will certainly have an add-on advantage in your portfolio. As an individual aspiring to enter the AI world, it is essential that you concentrate on these trending skills.

As a developer in the IT field looking to enter the realm of artificial. Learning statistics for machine learning and Python programming is highly recommended.

👉3. Demonstrate your value in varied ways:

We’re living at the edge of a competitive job market where in-demand skills are proven valued by employers. In no time, the interaction between human and automation will no longer be a problem provided IT professionals are skill ready. However, for individuals working in sectors such as medical, hospitality, legal, and manufacturing will be seen replaced, if one is still following old traditional practices.

Go the extra mile:

3.1 — Take a glance at yourself and assess the skills you’re required to learn. Considering you’re the person responsible for automation improvements, you must also ensure the process runs smoothly adding value to the organization.

3.2 — Be the firewall wizard. Take responsibility for rolling out automation and handling it efficiently. If so, master the art of determining whether automation is handling its job properly.

3.3 — Add another skill-set to your existing skills. Expanding roles from being a developer and growing to become an AI expert is an added advantage for IT professionals today.

3.4 — Learn a new tool to enter the AI world. You will find several online free security and cloud tools for one to learn. This requires an individual to have exceptional skills to conduct manual analysis for the tool to remain effective.

👉4. Adapt to newer skills:

Who else but the IT professionals are aware that technology keeps changing. From x68 server farms to containerized applications, professional who had the urge to transform according to the paradigm shifts are the ones who have sustained. With AI and machine learning being the next thing, AI professionals are preceding today’s job market.

Many industries are adopting artificial intelligence, but progress remains grim as there’s a scarcity of available AI talent. And if you want to make a career in AI then certifications is the next step. 🔗AI certifications will provide you with a much needed edge to beat the competition and stay ahead of your peers.

Artificial intelligence is certainly the disquieting buzzword and if you want to make a career in this field then arm yourself with latest tools and techniques, keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the field.

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Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a community of Analytics and Data Science professionals. We are building the next-gen data science ecosystem

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