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Tank Comparison: Dva vs. Rein

As a huge Overwatch fan, I wanted to use this project to dive into some data from one of my favorite games.
I have always used Dva as my main and I cannot help but love her character.
I wanted my first project to be fun and within a subject that I loved.
I also wanted to be able to gain insightful information from heroes on the most basic level.

The question I am asking is “How does Dva compare to Reinhardt in pick rates, win rates, and how long the hero was on fire”.
A lot of players choose these tank heroes according to their team composition and even the enemy team's composition. That is why I am looking at this data and its comparison in the most basic way without any of those variables.

First I wanted to look at the data as a whole and see what I was working with.
I needed to see the big picture so that I would know how I needed to properly filter it to get what I needed out of it.

Overwatch data frame

The next thing I wanted to do was filter by Dva and include all the ranks.
I wanted to be able to see the average rates within every rank to get a more clear picture of her whole player base.

Dva’s filtered data

Now here is my favorite part. I averaged her pick and win rates for every console. Again, I wanted to see the whole picture when it comes to these numbers. I could have gone into more detail such as breaking it down to individual platforms but decided against this.

My code for calculating and displaying her averages

So now we can see that her average pick rate is 5.32. This seems a little low, especially considering that Reinhardt’s is 9.8 but the great thing here is to look at her win rate. Even with a pick rate that low she still has a 50.84 percent win rate. That is amazing!

Reinhardt’s averages

Looking at Reinhardt’s averages compared to Dva’s just does not seem as impressive. That is okay, we still love him and his shield though!
Now I wanted to see the average percentage that they are both on fire so I can compare them.

Dva’s fire averages
2Reinhardt’s fire averages

So we can now see that the average time Dva spends in a game on fire is 7.15 percent and Reinhardt spends about 7.46 percent of his time on fire.
This is interesting because even though Reinhardt may have a higher pick rate and a lower win rate he still has a higher percentage of being on fire. These are relatively low numbers for both heroes though since the average for all heroes across all platforms and ranks is 9.57 percent.

On fire summary

The last thing I want to include is a couple of graphs so you can see how all these numbers put together look side by side. These graphs do not represent the average, but the total numbers on these rates.

Compare pick/win rates

This graph makes it easier to visually see how much of a difference there is in Dva’s and Reinhardt’s pick rates. That is a pretty decent gap there.
You can also see how there isn’t much of a difference in comparing just their pick rates, however, you can see the clear gap in pick rate to win rate.

Compare on fire percentages

You can see that across the board it varies how much they are on fire. This could be due to variables such as rank.

So, in conclusion, it is awesome to be able to dive into data such as this and compare heroes. I had so much fun with this project and everything that came with it. Exploring the data and writing this blog has been my favorite part.

Here is my notebook where anyone can view my work.



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