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Jul 22 · 4 min read
Machine Learning

This Medium article especially for beginners who want to start build career in Machine Learning/Deep Learning /Artificial Intelligence. This article also helps to Experienced Guy/Person also.

If you are Beginner and no experience with any other field I have some advice for you First of all you have to play or learn some content to check yourself that you are really capable, interested or determined to enter in career/field of ML, DL, AI.

If you are Beginner and experience with other field like Banking Sector, Medical Sector, Agricultural Sector, Defence, or any other fields than you have the opportunity to apply ML/DL/AI on your expertise your Field. Still you have to also learn and play with ML/DL/AI content to determine your capability , interest, Patience and Consistency.

If you are experienced in ML/DL/AI than you also follow these content you get benefited from top-notch person from this field.

I must recommended to all before purchasing any course you must check or determined your capability to learn this suggestion is because of ML/DL/AI is very vast and big and day by day it discovered and developed more. There is also more content you have to learn like cloud computing(AWS, Azure and many one), Docker, Kubernetes, with ML/DL/AI content. This field is very vast because of that you get lost easily. Probably you have to at least 3 months given for checking.

Lets start ……………………………………………………………………

In previous paragraph I am taking Content which is free. So There is list of Free content which you should follow(may be some of them have free content with paid content also).

1.Analytics Vidhya Founder Kunal Jain

This platform/websites/company/educator provided lot of free content and guidance on their websites and their Youtube channel. Mode of teaching is English. A very simple English they use so that everyone can understand easily. I started from learning ML/DL/AI from this his websites and Youtube channel. Thank you Kunal.

2.Krish Naik

This is Youtube channel and educator name also. He also educating a lot of free and genuine content. Mode of teaching is English.He is also best educator on Youtube in this Field.

3. Code with Harry —

This is also a Youtube channel and educator name is Harry. If you are Indian and if knows Hindi you have to must follow this person for their content. Genuinely he provides a lot of free and genuine content. You like his style of teaching and connect with you. He also have some content in English.

4.SirajRaval —

This is also a Youtube channel. If you like Rap And ML/AI/DL than you must should visit at least once in your lifetime. His content is also Good and real time learning projects. He is American(with Indian origin parents). He was made a Plagiarism and he Admits To Plagiarism, Cites Work Pressure As The Reason but stills his free content is very worthy, good and interesting.


This is also a Youtube channel. The person very good content on especially ML/AI/DL . He is also teaches IOT related things. He is a nice person. Please watch his videos which is more worthy. I think this is underrated channel.

6.The New Boston/BuckyRoberts

This is two Youtube channel and old American Youtube channel but providing lot of worthy content.

7.ML by AndrewNG / Deep learning AI

This is playlist and YouTube channel. You Must visit and learn basic and details of all ML Videos from this playlist. He explains in depth in short video. You should watch at-least 3 times and makes notes. In my case some time I didn’t understand what he says in video but I use subtitle and still I watched his video. If you like and don’t like you must watch his video(very very good content).

8.Two minute Papers

This is also YouTube channel. In this channel They provide explanation of various Research papers in two minute. A very good Youtube channel.

9.Statistics of DOOM

This is also YouTube channel. She provided in his Youtube channel explaining a lot of statistics concept which used in ML/DL/AI. Statistics are used more in ML/DL/AI in these days. Must visit.

10.StatQuest with Josh Starmer

This is also very good Youtube channel explaining with graph and figure of ML/DL/AI concept. Must visit.

This are the other channels also, You must check also………………….

Corey Schafer, 3Blue 1Brown.


Disclaimer : This is not sponsored by anyone. I write this article from what I experienced before learning ML/DL/AI. This article I published on Analytic Vidhya because of Analytics Vidhya provided his Medium platform to me and many other to write a good content and help the others.

Notes: If anyone knows more Good content of Youtube channel other than this, comment down and share with us so everyone get benefitted.

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