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What is the Best way to learn Data Science as a Beginner

Data Science is defined as the process of obtaining valuable insights from structured and unstructured data by using various tools and techniques. Some of the techniques practised in data science include data extraction, data analysis, data mining, and data retrieval, to produce informative results.The person who perform such kind of job is called Data Scientist.There is high demand for data scientists. As of 2020, the average salary of data scientist in India as a Fresher starts at 6,00000 a year.

4 Key Points to Learn Data Science

  1. Theory:

Use Coursera and EdX for building theory, concepts and applications of probability, statistics, linear algebra, calculus and machine learning. Even you can use online Certificate courses can also be very useful to launch a career in data science There are several online institutes that have offered data science courses that are better fit for fresher and working professionals, such as Simplilearn, Upgrad, Great learning , Analytics Vidhya… and so on.

2. Data Visualisation:

Tableau and Power Bi are easy to use tools with GUI facility for data visualisation and business intelligence. Both of these tools are widely used in industry . Even you can go for python using a great package Matplotlib. Matplotlib in Python and ggplot in R are good packages for visualisation.

3. Programming:

Python and R are great free tools that you can download from the internet. R Studio for R and Anaconda for Python are two good tools to write and test codes. You can use Data camp for learning and hands on practice of Python and R. Then practice machine learning algorithms using Python or R.

4. Big Data:

AWS or Azure can be used for storage and Spark can be used for processing. You need to pull the data from the database, process or filter the data and bring it to usable format. For getting and processing data SQL is a good tool. You can use the dplyr package in R or pandas in Python for data processing task.




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