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Your Guide to Jupyter Markdowns

Just because we are working with numbers and code doesn’t mean we need to have a boring Jupyter notebook. In this blog we will go over different ways to spice up your notebook and make it visually pleasing for your readers. Ready? Let’s get started.

Starting with the Basics

Block Quotes

Here’s how it looks


There are six different options for headings. The more hashtags there are the smaller the heading. See below.

Here’s how it looks


If you would like to add a hyperlink that doesn’t show the url you can format the link where you click here to access the webpage (I linked mine to Google). Feel free to type in whatever words you would like in place of “here” and that is what will show up in your notebook.

Here’s how you do it


Images have the ability to make your blog or Jupyter notebook better. These visualizations allow the reader to have a better understanding of what you are saying or to be able to see the data visualization that supports your point.

I’d say here’s how it looks, but just look above!

Line Breaks

You have no idea how many times I have tried to make a line break only to hit shift+enter and see no break whatsoever. Therefore, if you need a line break in your Jupyter notebook markdown make sure to hit enter two or more times, depending on how large you would like the break.

Here’s how it looks

What to do

What NOT to do


Making lists is very similar to what you would do anywhere else.

Here’s how it looks

But what if I wanted to list my favorite fruits in order?

Here’s how it looks


If you want a line break, there is no need to create the line by doing dash marks all the way across the screen simply place three dashes and hit enter. You may choose any of the following:

Here’s how it looks




Bold and Italicized


Let’s get more advanced

Make your markdown look like code

Here is some code!

In order to make the above line look like code, place back-ticks (the symbol under the tilde ~ top left of your keyboard) around your words.

Tasks List

Here’s how it looks

Text Box Color





Text Color

Text Font

Highlight your text

Embedding your Tableau

%%HTML and then paste your embed link provided from Tableau prior to publishing.




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