5 reasons why we are valuable partners.

Annelie Ajami
Anamcara Capital
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2 min readFeb 22, 2022


As an emerging fund in a highly competitive market, I get asked this all the time. Why you? Who are you? Why are you different? What do you bring to the table? Answering these questions repeatedly has become almost existential, not only for me personally but also for the firm. Its like holding a mirror up to your face .. “Yes..who ARE you?”. As you can imagine, I’ve become increasingly self reflective.

Similarly, each time I get asked this I am presented with a perfect opportunity to defend our corner — to show we add value, to show we are different, to show we deliver. It is a small glitch in the Matrix during which we can unabatedly fight for the brand that we are building — small but big impact.

Here are the five reasons why and how —

  1. Thematic investor with deep domain expertise — we live and breathe SMB tech. We see opportunities in this space 24/7 and we know it well. We have developed a unique training program aimed at the digital transformation of SMB which helps us identify trends early and spot gaps in technology gaps. We stay close to SMBs to ensure we have real time insights to inform us on investment and strategic decisions
  2. Capital — Anamcara has close relationships with leading life cycle investors, i.e. MENA-based pockets of capital and global growth investors, that have the ability to follow on our investments from Series A to IPO. Additionally, the fund has a strong LP base that consists out of successful financial investors who have the ability to write substantial tickets into our breakout portfolio companies.
  3. Strategic — large network of strategic partners including leading fintech players, marketplaces, government institutions, corporates and service providers which represent important access to potential distribution channels for portfolio companies
  4. Geography — strong ties to MENA and familiarity of local dynamics enables Anamcara to open to doors to founders looking to expand into the MENA region
  5. Community — this is the beating heart of Anamcara. Our ability to connect. We organise curated quarterly gathering (dinners, lunches, virtual meet-ups) with relevant attendees to foster connectivity between founders, CEOs, investors, experts and others. This is an important way of promoting Anamcara, building relationships and adding value to our companies.

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